Mount Athos Cuisine by Monk Epifanios Mylopotaminos

Mount Athos Cuisine by Monk Epifanios Mylopotaminos

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The Athonite monk Epifanios o Mylopotaminos, after living for several years in the Holy Monastery of Saint Paul, decided, in 1990, to pursue his monastic life in the Holy Seat of Agios Efstathios – Mylopotamos, a dependency of the Holy Monastery of Megisti Lavra.

He was fortunate enough to be taught the byzantine chants by earlier Athonite monks and became a good chanter while, at the same time, he took to the ministration of the cook. Today, he is a greatly prized chef.

In Mylopotamos, assisted by monk Joachim, he undertook the laborious effort of restoring the historic cell, thus infusing new life in it. At the same time, with utmost respect to an age-long tradition, he planted a vineyard and built a wine factory, following the custom of older monks.

Today, he is living and leading a secluded life in Mylopotamos, Mount Athos, where he occupies himself with cooking and with producing the famous biological wines ‘Mylopotamos’ of Mount Athos.

«… to the dishes prepared and consumed by our parents and ancestors. This is the Athonite cuisine, which I have learned to cook for the past thirty three years. The experts call it healthy, Mediterranean, dietary etc. – I would do not know how to call it…. You can call it as you wish – monastic, Athonite or even traditional. What matters is that it most certainly results in lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels, contributes to blood pressure reduction, while at the same time diminishes other health-aggravating effects».

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